Welcome to the Centaurus Youth Wrestling Club website! We are dedicated to developing young athletes and helping them grow through the sport of wrestling. We aim to help all members reach their potential as athletes and as young men and women. They learn the importance and value of self-discipline, self-confidence as well as good sportsmanship and competition.

Here are some of the reasons young athletes should consider joining the Centaurus Youth Wrestling Club:

  1. Wrestling is a fun sport open to all ages and skill levels - beginner to advanced.
  2. Participants will increase their strength, conditioning, agility, flexibility, and self confidence .
  3. Coaches are positive and promote, as well as expect, good sportsmanship.
  4. Participants will receive excellent technical instruction.
  5. Practices are conducted in a safe and supervised environment.
  6. Wrestling is the one sport where the playing field is ALWAYS even.
  7. Size is not a factor - competitors are matched by age and weight.
  8. Learning the value of positive coaching techniques and good sportsmanship.

The Centaurus Youth Wrestling Club is open to all ages and skill levels. All practices and tournaments are supervised by USA Wrestling registered coaches. All participants are insured through USA Wrestling.